HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor 4.53

HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor 4.53: Learn,edit,speak,teach Chinese. Chinese typing,pinyin,Add toned-PinYin. Zi-Info. Learn,edit,speak,teach Chinese.Edit formatted text (RTF-based, Word-compatible). Add toned-PinYin on top of Zi. Chinese/English text-to-speech. Speak-when-typing, save and play. Chinese-to-English Dictionary. Display of dictionary info for zi. Conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese. Chinese text recovery. Quick, fault-tolerant Chinese Input. Zi & word usage lookup. Many Chinese-input-assistant features. Zi-Info query.

2008 Calendar Chinese New Year 1.2: love calendar,money calendar,Chinese zodiac calendar,Relationship Calendar
2008 Calendar Chinese New Year 1.2

Chinese New Year" can help you... "2008 Calendar Chinese New year" reports lucky days of your Love, Money, Health, Relationship, Job, Partnership... "2008 Calendar Chinese New Year" give you Personal Love Calendar, Money Calendar, Job Calendar, Health Calendar, Relationship Calendar, Partnership Calendar, Chinese Zodiac Calendar, Chinese lunar Calendar("Chinese new year 2007", "Chinese new year 2008", "Chinese new year 2009")... based on Chinese

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Belenet Chinese(pinyin) 1.0: Learn Chinese with pinyin and character via games.
Belenet Chinese(pinyin) 1.0

Chinese language learners. Belenet Chinese combines learning, quizzes and games while making a perfect integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We hope "Belenet Chinese" can make Chinese learners increase their vocabularies by arranging some effective practices and master the Chinese language more easily. Base on forgetting curve this learning Chinese system emphasizes the importance of regular reviews, including flash, games, pronunciation

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MonkeyKing Chinese 1.5: MonkeyKing Chinese is for people who are serious about learning Chinese language
MonkeyKing Chinese 1.5

MonkeyKing Chinese is for people who are serious about learning Chinese language. It`s a simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool and designed for the beginners and senior learners to learn Chinese language and culture. Includes: 1, English-Chinese double language Dictionary. 2, Lessons and sense dialogues. 3, Text To Speech available in simplified Chinese. 4. Chinese input method. 5. Chinese lunar calendar and more useful tools.

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The World Adventurer - Basic Chinese 1.0: TWA - A FREE game you must download to learn Chinese happily & quickly.
The World Adventurer - Basic Chinese 1.0

Chinese is an upgraded version based on the basic Chinese version, which provides more words and phases for you to play. If you have completed level one in TWA Basic Chinese and want to play more, you may consider to buy this upgrade version for only $2.25. The World Adventurer Advance Chinese is an upgraded version based on the essential Chinese version, which provides more words and phases for you to play. If you have completed level two in TWA

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Pimsleur Everyone I Know is Learning  1.0: I was sitting at a table by a lovely lady named Sue. Sue is in her 70`s, very in
Pimsleur Everyone I Know is Learning 1.0

Chinese?" I said, "No, I am not learning Chinese. Why do you ask?" Sue said, "Everyone I know is learning Chinese." She then asked me what courses in Chinese we had. I told her that we sold Pimsleur Chinese Mandarin Courses and Pimsleur Chinese Cantonese Courses. She wanted to know whether we sold more Cantonese or Mandarin and the conversation continued on. In our conversation I asked her why everyone she knew was learning Chinese and she went on

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Xosten HSK Word Expert 1.6: Xosten HSK Word Expert is a software which help user to learn Chinese
Xosten HSK Word Expert 1.6

Chinese words efficiently or translate Chinese into English.There are four main HSK vocabularies in this software. Feature List -------------------------- * Powerful online dictionaries and Chinese example sentences * Chinese word challenge * Translate Chinese article into English article.Or vice versa.(only available in Full Edition) * Convert Simplified Chinese script to Traditional Chinese script.Or vice versa. * Play word with Chinese speaking

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